Sunday, October 19, 2008

November Is Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Each November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. Having a special month to focus on such an important topic makes it easier to remind others that there are so many sufferers in America alone. And not just the patients, but also the families who care for their loved ones and watch them losing those precious memories right before their eyes. I hope you will take time to remember those who can't this November. Maybe you could add a sticker to your car, or wear a t-shirt on dress down day at work. Better yet, go to a local nursing home and ask at the desk if there is anyone who would enjoy a visit.

Stop Alzheimer's Disease Hoodie shirt

Stop Alzheimer's Disease Hoodie


Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Month Mark

We lost my mom seven months ago today. Wow, that seems impossible in some ways. And I feel the loss more acutely now than I did when she first passed on. SO many things remind me of her. And seeing photos or videos with her in them are especially hard. We all agree has passed on to a much better place but we miss her in our lives here. Alzheimer's is tough and it took her away from us long before death did. Here's a t-shirt I made in commemoration of how I feel about losing my mom:
I Miss My Mom - We Lost Her To Alzheimer's t-shirt

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Five months and more

Wow, it's been over five months now since we lost my mother. In that time, we also lost my father in law. Our children have had a hard time dealing with losing two grandparents so close together, but are recovering well. I am grateful they had the chance to become close to my mom during the years she lived with us.
Perspective is developing for me, too, as I look back on our last few months with Mother. I'm realizing that caregiver burnout had set in for me and that the amount of time I spent/didn't spend at the nursing home each day was okay. I know Mother understands. And I do too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Two Months Today

It's been two months today since my mom died of Alzheimer's Disease. The time has gone fast...
Last week a grief counselor from the funeral home called to see how our family was coping. It was nice to be able to say that we are doing just fine now. With each passing week, my feelings have changed. Recently we attended the 80th birthday party for my aunt. I took photos from my mom's burial service as they had not been able to attend. I was surprised that I could share them with good memories attached of that day and the service. I'm so glad now that Mother has gone on to a better place. Her last year was difficult for everyone, most of all her. We love you, Mom!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Month Has Passed

A month has passed, and a little more, since we lost my mom to Alzheimer's Disease. I wondered how I would feel at this point. It all seemed so simple right when she passed. Her suffering was over, our family had our own life back as far as the amount of time we were spending in her care. But I'm finding that I miss her more now than I did when she first passed on.
The day before Easter, I realized that a tradition my own family had was for my father to buy Mother an Easter lily every year. After their divorce, I was the one to buy her a lily each Easter. It was hard to know I couldn't do that this year. Or could I? My dear husband went out Saturday evening and bought a beautiful potted Easter lily full of blooms for me to take to someone. I told him that I really wanted to do that, and he said fine. On Sunday morning we stopped by to visit a family friend who lives in a nursing home nearby. She was delighted with the flowers and I was thrilled to carry on our tradition in a new way.
Next year I want to give several lilies away in honor of my mother. It is a wonderful tradition that we can continue even though she is not here with us. Mom, I love you, Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some Sad Days

I didn't think it would happen to me because I am basically pretty settled about my Mom's death, but I am finding that out of the blue, I will suddenly start thinking about here and the tears come. I'm not much of a crier in general, so it is both unexpected and unusual. But I always feel better afterwards.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Two Weeks Now

It was almost exactly two weeks ago today that my mom passed away from Alzheimer's Disease. She had a cold a couple of weeks before that, seemed to get better, but just wasn't eating as well as before. She had been on pureed foods since before Christmas but usually ate all of them for us. The week she died, Mother just lost interest in eating or drinking, and seemed to pull away from us. It is possible she had a little mini stroke as she has been known to have them before, but the doctor wasn't sure. By mid-week, she wasn't swallowing at all for the most part.
We set up hospice care that Wednesday, received our first hospice services on Thursday, and Friday morning at 5:25 she passed away quietly. We had been with her for several hours on Thursday and I had brought my two youngest children to see her late that afternoon. None of us realized at the time that Grandma was so close to leaving. We were expecting weeks at least. But what blessing to have her go so quickly at the end, and to pass away quietly that Friday morning. I wish I had been with her...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm A Survivor

Welcome to my blog about Alzheimer's Disease. On February 15, 2008 I lost my mom to Alzheimers after a long battle. It was a peaceful end and I'm going to write about it in a future post but the wound is still pretty fresh right now. I need a little time before I record it completely, maybe just a few days but we'll see.
In the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and list a link to an Alzheimer's support shop that I made a couple of years ago. I was home taking care of my mom and needed something for income, so I started selling t-shirts and gifts on my computer. Besides my music and other t-shirts, I decided to make an Alzheimer's shop because it gave me a way to feel like I was contributing in some way to other people who were going through what I was at the time. I made a few buttons and stickers and some shirt designs for family members and caregivers. Maybe someone else who's reading this today will also like them. As a tribute to my mom I'm going to keep it open and add new things whenever I feel the need to express myself in that way. The rest of the time, I'm going to list links and articles about Alzheimer's Disease, and maybe just talk about what our battle was like. It's weird now that it is over. Anyway, here are my Alzheimer's designs:

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