Friday, February 29, 2008

Two Weeks Now

It was almost exactly two weeks ago today that my mom passed away from Alzheimer's Disease. She had a cold a couple of weeks before that, seemed to get better, but just wasn't eating as well as before. She had been on pureed foods since before Christmas but usually ate all of them for us. The week she died, Mother just lost interest in eating or drinking, and seemed to pull away from us. It is possible she had a little mini stroke as she has been known to have them before, but the doctor wasn't sure. By mid-week, she wasn't swallowing at all for the most part.
We set up hospice care that Wednesday, received our first hospice services on Thursday, and Friday morning at 5:25 she passed away quietly. We had been with her for several hours on Thursday and I had brought my two youngest children to see her late that afternoon. None of us realized at the time that Grandma was so close to leaving. We were expecting weeks at least. But what blessing to have her go so quickly at the end, and to pass away quietly that Friday morning. I wish I had been with her...

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